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California Trauma Cleanup

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Trauma Cleanup Narrative

Here, trauma cleanup means cleaning after invading and violent impacts to the human body. I'm Eddie Evans and this is one of my many web sites for California trauma cleanup information.

Prices for removing human blood from homes and businesses "vary wildly" according to some of my previous clients. They want to know why.

"How come you charge so much less"" is often asked about my trauma cleanup prices.

My prices for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and trauma cleanup with massive blood loss costs less than than $999.00 in California, California, most often. Call my competitors to compare prices and services for trauma cleanup. I offer a written guarantee.

I offer the same services for unattended deaths with decomposition. Sewage cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and infectious waste cleanup in general remain available 24/7/365.

All costs for California trauma cleanup are included in I Evans' quoted price.

Money counts and when a trauma cleanup must follow a death, money becomes one of the last things people want to think about.

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So what makes my service fees for California trauma cleanup different?

You need to know that I clean alone. I am self-employed. I have working at trauma cleanup for over 17 years and expect to continue doing so for many more years. You can trust that I will give a reasonable trauma cleanup quote over the telephone. Expect me to provide a "not-to-exceed" price, which means that once I give a blood cleanup bid for your cleanup needs, expect that I will not play games with blood, trauma cleanup prices-top

I am I Evans and my California Trauma Scene Practitioner's License is #134. I have traveled throughout California for trauma cleanup for over 7 years. I have performed hundreds of trauma cleanup jobs, most involving suicide or unattended death trauma cleanup tasks.

Why call? Call me to ask questions about homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, or other types of trauma cleanup. If you simply want to ask question about trauma cleanup on your own for a family member, feel free to call.

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Just know that trauma cleanup means the removal of great quantities of blood and other infectious materials (OPIM), removal is not easy; massive blood loss may occur after a sudden, damaging impact to a body when least expected.

Why call a trauma cleanup company?

Although California homicides account for a small number of trauma cleanup incidents, a professional California trauma cleanup practitioner often reduces blood safely, thoroughly. Suicides often produce grant blood loss over a wide area.

Violent suicides may also require the services of a professional California trauma cleanup practitioner because of blood and OPIM not easily found, not easily decontaminated. More important, a violent suicide leaves California family members and close friends in a state of emotional trauma, usually. Generally, trauma cleanup after a violent suicide should be done by a disinterested 3rd party, a professional California trauma cleanup practitioner.

Suicide cleanup often leaves suicide victim's with emotional trauma when they do their own family member's suicide cleanup. I know because I've completed enough suicide cleanup work started by families and friends. They often ask for a "discount," in consideration of their efforts. I do my best to oblige their request. Suffice it to say, before starting suicide cleanup, learn all that you can. I offer information related to suicide cleanup.

Call at any time, any day.
I am ready to take your California trauma cleanup telephone call at any hour, any day.

A trained trauma cleanup practitioner answers my telephone every day and you can expect to speak with me. Call now for information or to make your cleaning appointment California.

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When it comes to professional trauma cleanup for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and biohazards in general, know what you need. From Biosafe, clients can expect biohazard removal. Expect decontamination by encapsulation; expect chemical fogging decontamination, thorough cleaning to sanitize. Previously soiled areas are often sealed (entire rooms are also sealed as needed).

What about the blood and death odors?

No guarantee to remove all blood and death odors because perception of these odors depends on perceiving these odors. Blood and death odors do not cause illness or disease, but they do cause some people nausea.

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A Five Year Old Nose

A five year-old child can give a more objective assessment of a trauma cleanup than an adult familiar with the circumstances of the trauma cleanup. If such a child enters a structure without knowledge of the trauma cleanup, then their nose become the most objective means of gauging the amount of blood and death odor present.

My service includes removing the source materials for blood and death odors. I also include ozone to reduce if not remove these odors. At times I seal areas to reduce or remove these odors. Given time and ventilation the odors disappear, become "imperceptible," that is.

Object permeated by blood and death odors include the following:

  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Carpet
  • carpet padding (especially)
  • Composite wood
  • Furniture
  • Paper
  • Pillows
  • Shoes
  • Walls

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    What you need

  1. You need a professional blood cleanup practitioner with hundreds of trauma cleanups for homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths.
  2. You need a price that makes sense for cleaning up potential bloodborne pathogens.
  3. You need a cleaner willing to stick around and properly apply ozone to decontaminate your dwelling or business.
  4. You need a trauma cleanup that includes decontamination of your property with chemicals from ceiling to floor, including all four walls. And then there's the problem of sealing the soiled areas; at times, the entire room needs sealing to help reduce or remove noxious odors from blood and death. I include these services as part of a total, fixed fee.

    When you are ready for a professional blood cleanup practitioner fitting the description above, call and ask questions; ask for a quote over the telephone.

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I tell about the death odor in California

When decomposition begins on a death scene bacteria die off in some cases; they begin to multiply. In both cases, bacteria release gases consisting of methane, sulfur, and uric acid-like odors. Included in these odors we find fecal matter, spinal fluid, and other materials adding to the increase is death odors. Summer months In California become hot, and heat increases the decomposition process.

Within closed homes and businesses, death's gases have nowhere to go. As a consequence, the density of these gases cause them to permeate any cellular materials, either manufactured or natural cellular materials. This means that just about every object, except non-porous surfaces, may hold the blood and death odors. Given heat these odors' increase quickly.

The only way to remove blood and death odors include the following:

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  1. Time
  2. Ventilation with fresh air - fans and open windows,
  3. Sealing with paint primers like Kilz or Zennsser,
  4. Heaving oxygenation with ozone machines,
  5. Heavy chemical fogging with scrubbing,
  6. Time -- nature always takes its course, sooner or later.

So with these ideas in mind, without removing all of the contents of a building and then sealing, ozoning, or ventilating, blood and death odors will continue until all or most of the off gassed methane, sulfur, and uric acid-like odors diminish beyond perception.

Perception by olfactory nerves provides the key to the blood and death odors, the stuff of trauma cleanup. I know from experience and reading that women and young girls have a keen sense for the blood and death odors beyond the olfactory powers of men. So an older male may not sense the blood and death odors while a young girl continues to smell their presence. Perhaps a stereotype, I suspect that men do not know how to label blood odors without seeing blood.

In any case, continued vigorous ventilation with fresh air remains the key to California blood and death odor remediation.

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California Trauma Cleanup cleanup Guarantee

I cannot guarantee that all of the blood and death odor will disappear before I depart, but arrangements may be made for me to remain for extra duties. I can guarantee that blood and death odors will diminish greatly before I leave. Because of the cellular content issues noted above, it's impossible to guarantee the odor's removal without removing all property in a home or building. (return)

I guarantee my work in California and I will return if something remains amiss. Just call and ask and you'll find I arrive shortly to make things right. Rarely do I need to return, three times in 17 years.

I honor accountability.

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